The Bayreuth Brewery has stood for handcrafted beer specialties for over 150 years, which have a long tradition in Franconia and Bavaria. The brewery began operations in 1857 on the Herzog, the hill at the entrance to Bayreuth, and quickly became a landmark of the city. The brewery was far ahead of the time with its refrigeration and storage facilities. As such it created the cool, constant conditions necessary to make great Lagers. This has been carried on over the years and is demonstrated in every bottle. With the three Franconian specialties AKTIEN 1857 HELLES, AKTIEN ZWICK’L KELLERBIER and AKTIEN LANDBIER FRÄNKISCH DUNKEL in the swing-top bottle, They make Franconian brewing art tangible for connoisseurs. They also brew typical Bavarian beer specialties with BAYREUTHER HELL, which have remained original to this day.

Aktien Original Landbier 1857 Helles

Aktien Landbier Original 1857 Helles is a bottom-fermented export beer of unusually high quality. Golden yellow colour, with a fine white head of foam, as the glass is being filled it already promises the waiting beer connoisseur to expect a tangy, fresh and tasty beer. On initial tasting, Aktien Landbier Original 1857 Helles develops a full-bodied spicy flavour and gives a satisfying balanced hopped note in the aftertaste. This is provided by the high degree of fermentation, which also makes Aktien Landbier Original 1857 Helles particularly agreeable. It looks golden and the beer has a flavour of green apples, honey and flowers. The beer has a mild body and is not too bitter.
5.3% ABV

Aktien Original Landbier Zwick’l Kellerbier

Aktien Zwick’l is the brewery’s classic: a natural, yeast-cloudy and unfiltered beer specialty. In the past, this tasty beer was only reserved for the master brewer, who briefly tapped the barrel and tasted the first sip. The barrel was then closed again with a wooden clamp, which is where the name comes from. AKTIEN Zwick’l is offered in the traditional swing-top bottle.
5.3% ABV

Aktien Original Landbier Dunkel

Aktien Landbier Fränkisch Dunkel is a bottom-fermented full beer, robust and full-bodied in taste, natural and dark in colour. The exquisite selection of oasted special malt and light barley malt as well as the fresh spring Fichtelgebirgs water give it its typical character and its fine malt aroma. Brewed according to good old traditions, after a long fermentation and storage period it develops into a very balanced and extremely drinkable beer specialty.
5.3% ABV

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