Core Range Beers

Maisel’s Weisse

Established in 1887 in Bayreuth, Northern Bavaria, Maisel’s brewery has been making top-quality wheat beers ever since. It is now in the 4th generation of family ownership, ensuring the continuation of the high standards for which German brewers are renowned.

Maisel’s Weisse Original
Maisel’s Weisse Kristall
Maisel’s Weisse Dunkel
Aktien Landbier

Founded in 1857 the brewery was far ahead of the time with its refrigeration and storage facilities. As such it created the cool, constant conditions necessary to make great Lagers. This has been carried on over the years and is demonstrated in every bottle.

Aktien Landbier 1857 Helles
Aktien Landbier Zwick’l
Aktien Landbier Dunkel
Cölner Hofbräu Früh

Cölner Hofbräu Früh is a private brewery for a top-fermented beer called Kölsch. The brewery was founded in Cologne in 1904 by Peter Joseph Früh.

Früh Kölsch 500ml Can
Früh Kölsch 5L Party Keg
Bayreuther Brauhaus

The BAYREUTHER BRAUHAUS is the traditional brand of the Bayreuth brewery and has stood for traditional Bavarian brewing for over 150 years. Our master brewers specialize in authentic Bavarian beer specialties that have remained original to this day and are brewed according to original recipes from that time.

Bayreuther Helles Lager
Schneider Weisse

Every single Schneider Weisse beer is no less than the individual interpretation of an adventure in taste. Still, they are all bound by a common affirmation of their Bavarian origin and the purity law (“Reinheitsgebot”).

Tap 5 – Hopfen-Weisse
Tap 6 – Aventinus
Tap 7 – Original Weissbier
Aventinus Eisbock
Weltenburger Kloster

Weltenburger is the oldest Monastery brewery in the world! Continuously brewing since 1050 and with a rich history, it has witnessed countless changes in political and social circumstances from its location on a picturesque bend in the Danube River. The only thing not to have changed is the quality of the beer!

Anno 1050
Barock Dunkel
Asam Bock

Specialty Beers

Maisel & Friends

Having spent over 130 years making great wheat beers, Maisel’s brewery is using its expertise to diversify into brewing craft beer. Maisel’s & Friends delivers complex, balanced flavours, all created whilst sticking to the Bavarian purity law.

Marc’s Choc Bock

Very strong, artisan-brewed beers with their distinctive character appeal to the connoisseur, far from the usual standard beer. The whole strength of Franconia is packed into their “Schorschbock” with 13% alcohol. They are the strongest beers in Germany and among the best in the world.


Craft Beers

Insel Brauerei

Insel-Brauerei was established in August 2015 on the Island of Rugener off the coast of Germany in the Baltic Sea. Insel-Brauerei is renowned for creating award-winning and style-leading beers and specialises in open-fermented bottle-conditioned beers.

Strand Fass
German Coast DIPA
Baltic Gose
Baltic Stout
Baltic Dubbel
Baltic Tripel

Alcohol-Free Beers

Maisel’s/ Früh/ Insel Brau
Maisel’s Weisse Alcohol-Free
Früh Kölsch 0.0
Snorkeler’s Sea Salt IPA
Surfer’s Summer Ale

Schnapps/ Spirits/ Liqueurs

Danziger Goldwasser
Appenzeller Alpenbitter
Berliner Luft
Dooley’s Toffee Cream
Dooley’s White Chocolate Cream
Oldesloer Krautertropfen
Wilthener Goldkrone Brandy
Alpen Schnaps

The high-quality distillates are made exclusively from natural ingredients of the highest quality. The special mildness of Alpenschnaps results from its alcohol content, which is lower than that of classic Obstler. Alpenschnaps is a delicious alternative for those who find traditional alpine spirits too strong.


Situated in southern Germany on the edge of the Swabian Woods, Specht uses only sun-ripened fruit in their distillations. Specht is not only well-respected for their adherence to traditional methods but also for the quality ingredients in their newer product lines as well.

Williams Christ Birne
Wald Himbeergeist
Caramel Butterscotch
Kleiner Feigling

The original Kleiner Feigling is a staple on German hospitality shelves. Its popularity is partially attributed to its low ABV and its versatility. Behn expanded their range of Kleiner Feigling to address changing trends in the European marketplace.

Coco Biscuit
Magic Mango

Since 1921 the Scheibel Family have specialised in creating schnapps, spirits and liqueurs of an extremely high quality that will impress even the most knowledgeable of schnapps lovers. They combine traditional distilling wisdom and craftsmanship with a pioneering vision to create unique distillations. Scheibel has resurrected an ancient and once-lost art by introducing 22-carat gold into their distilling vats.

Birne in die Karaffe
Altes Pflümle
Feine Marille
Moor Birne
Brat Apfel
Berg Marille
Wild Pflaume

120 years ago August Ernst founded his distillery to produce two great lines: KORN and KÜMMEL. OLDESLOER KORN is still produced today and its 40+ prizes and medals are thanks to the “Oldesloer Purity Law” ingredients – wind, water and wheat! OLDESLOER KÜMMEL was a resurrection of an ancient schnapps made from caraway seeds which is the oldest spice in Europe.

Williams Christ Birne

Cider/ Mead


Kelterei Possman sources their fruit exclusively from 800+ farmers in the Hessen region of Germany. The typical farmer has three to 15 native trees on their land that are not part of a cultivated orchard. This gives a unique rich flavour to their ciders and apple wines.

Äppler Cider
Äppler Rosé Cider
Frankfurter Äpfelwein
Wikinger Mead

Wikinger Met originates from Haithabu in the Schlei Fjord on the Baltic Sea coast. This Viking-era centre of trade was a breeding ground for Viking traditions including the production of mead.

Wikinger Met (Honey Mead)
Wikinger Met – Ceramic (Honey Mead)
Wikinger Met Roter (Cherry Mead)
Wikinger Met Roter – Ceramic (Cherry Mead)

Wine/ Glühwein

Josef Drathen

Sternthaler in Nürnberg has been producing superb Glühwein specialties for decades. This expertise has led to a mulled wine of premier quality, created from a mix of exotic spices and ingredients blended according to the well-kept secret recipe.

Sternthaler Nürnberger Christkindles Glühwein
Sternthaler Apfel-Zimt (Apple Glühwein)
Oberkircher Winzer

The town of Oberkirch lies on the edge of the Black Forest providing an ideal location to cultivate hardy grape varieties thanks to the mild climate. A great wealth of knowledge and passion for grape growing has been passed down for generations through the families in the region. For this reason, every grape that enters the Oberkircher Winzerei is grown within a five-kilometre radius of the winery.

Grauer Burgunder Kabinett Trocken
Spätburgunder Weissherbst Rosé
Spätburgunder Rotwein Kabinett

Affental is located in the district of Baden,
Germany’s southernmost wine-growing region.
Here amid the warm climate of the Rhine Valley at the foot of the Black Forest, spring begins early. The warm granite-weathered soil on the steep Black Forest precipices and strong loose terrain on the soft foothills are best suited for the cultivation of Pinot Noir and Rieslings.

Spätburgunder Rosé
Spätburgunder Rotwein
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