The BAYREUTHER BRAUHAUS is the traditional brand of the Bayreuth Brewery and has stood for traditional Bavarian brewing for over 150 years. Their master brewers specialize in authentic Bavarian beer specialties that have remained original to this day and are brewed according to original recipes from that time. Bavaria is known all over the world for its tasty beer specialties and the brewing craft that has been passed down for centuries. 
The world record region of Upper Franconia is located in the north of Bavaria. With the highest density of breweries in the world, the region is affectionately known as “Beer Franconia” or “pleasure region”. This region is the home of the brewery and the place where they produce the delicious and typically Bavarian beers.
They brew all of their beers according to the Bavarian Purity Law and recipes that have been passed down from master brewer to master brewer for many generations. Their brewers demonstrate their craftsmanship every day with the permitted four ingredients. They create tasty Bavarian beer specialties such as Helles, Hefe-Weissbier and Bockbier using only water, malt, hops and yeast.


The fresh, spicy taste and the smooth beer enjoyment are characteristic of the traditional Bavarian beer specialty. Bayreuther Hell gets its unmistakable character from the carefully balanced balance of the finest light barley malts and a subtle hop note. It is brewed with a lot of love and passion according to a traditional recipe and according to the rules of the best Bavarian brewing art.
Bayreuther Hell shines in the glass with its bright golden color and an impressive head of foam. The nose is surrounded by fresh, floral notes with a slight hint of honey and lemon. In the mouth there is a light, wonderfully spicy and drinkable beer with the finest effervescence: a great composition of honey, caramel and floral hop notes with a hint of grain.
An honest and tasty light beer, as it has been brewed and loved in Bavaria for centuries
4.9% ABV

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