Früh Kölsch has been around for over 111 years. That’s over 111 years of brewing culture in the shadow of the cathedral, over 111 years of Cologne history, more than 111 years of family tradition – and above all: over 111 years of outstanding Kölsch. And this story is the story of beer brewers and beer drinkers, of our employees, our customers and our family, because we stand for the quality of our beer as direct descendants of the company founder Peter Josef Früh.

Früh Kölsch

The popular beer of the people of Cologne is the Cologne specialty with its deliciously drinkable taste – and an original. The people of Cologne know how to enjoy life and always find a reason to toast with a morning Kölsch.
It is still brewed today according to Peter Josef Früh’s original recipe – from the best ingredients and according to the German purity law. In 1969 Früh introduced the popular Kölsch in a bottle. So you could also enjoy it at home. Nothing has changed to this day
4.8% ABV

Früh NaturRadler

For sunny souls, on the go and at home – our NaturRadler ensures pure refreshment on all occasions. Of course, we had to reinvent the Früh Radler, a delicious mix of Früh Kölsch and a sparkling lemon-flavoured soft drink. Environmentally friendly, green reusable bottles and newly designed labels made from uncoated natural paper. Inside, a new recipe made from the best Früh Kölsch and natural lemonade without artificial additives – unfiltered to preserve the full taste.
2.2% ABV

Früh Kölsch 0.0% Alcohol-Free

A Kölsch without alcohol? A few years ago it was unthinkable. Not for Früh. That’s why they were the first to brew it. Früh Kölsch 0.0% alcohol-free is the first Kölsch without alcohol. And yet wonderfully top-fermented. Because Früh Kölsch 0.0% alcohol-free is only removed after the alcohol has matured completely. Not only does it taste particularly delicious, but it also contains 60% fewer calories than a normal Kölsch.
0.0% ABV

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