In 2015, Markus opened the Insel-Brauerei on the Island of Rugener off the coast of Germany in the Baltic Sea. The idea for a unique brewery had been simmering for a few months before. He met Andries and Frans de Groen while drinking beer. Markus let them in on his thoughts of opening a brewery. Both were enthusiastic and they became partners. So Markus realised his idea with two very experienced and great brewmasters from both Belgium and the USA. The intention was to combine the best of the three great beer countries. The production costs should not determine the technology and raw materials, but only the best for the ideal taste value – no matter how elaborate it might be. They spent many days sitting together, thinking, creating and trying their hand at more than 100 brewing experiments or rebuilding machines based on historical models. They simply got started. Insel-Brauerei is renowned for creating award-winning and style-leading beers and specialises in open-fermented bottle-conditioned beers.

MEERJUNGFRAU – Natural Sour Ale

We have brewed this rare beer using two strains of lactic acid bacteria and a Bière Brut yeast to produce a drink with a surprisingly elegant fruit acid – refreshing and fruity-effervescent like a very dry cider. A beer for toasting, celebrating, and enjoying – a real sour seduction.
5.6% ABV


A rich, radiant golden colour in the glass, crowned by a fine-pored head. The German hop variety Magnum in combination with the ripening on pine cones and pine branches generates a pleasurable, thirst-quenching freshness with the appetizing, resinous spiciness of the coastal forest. Dry, bitter, Nordically rough-edged and with the freshness of the Baltic Sea.
7.5% ABV


A very elegant beer from the Baltic Sea – brewed with sea salt, finely seasoned and fermented using a Bière Brut yeast. Maritime-mineral notes with a hint of pear and quince tickle the nose. A very smooth, lightly effervescent drink with a delicate sour note and a dry finish. Pleasurable, wine-like, refreshing.
6.5% ABV


A deep black colour in the glass with an impressive, beige head. A captivating bouquet of chocolate and Turkish coffee. The high percentage of roasted oat and wheat malts results in a very creamy drink – like a mousse au chocolat made from bitter chocolate. Soft, warming, and pleasurable. Perfect in front of the open fire with one’s feet up at the end of the day.
7.5% ABV


A warm chestnut brown with red glints and a cream-beige head. The abbey yeast in combination with the rye, wheat, and roasted malts generates a complex bouquet of dark dried fruits: plums, dates, rum raisins, and a hint of hazelnut. The drink is dry and elegant and leaves behind a wine-like impression. The alcohol content of 8.5 VOL% is pleasurably integrated.
8.5% ABV


A rich sun yellow with intense, mysterious aromas. Spicy notes embrace the fruity nuances of the malt body. Like a grilled peach with fresh herbs. Very dry and wine-like, reminiscent of a Pastis on a warm summer evening. Really unique.
9.5% ABV


A fiery golden colour announces the intense aroma of orange and citrus. The beer’s own carbonic acid from bottle aging ensures stable foam and supports the tangy drink. Elegant fruity hop notes harmonise with the long-lasting freshness. Let the summer come!
<0.5% ABV


The Snorkeler’s Sea Salt IPA lets you dive into a variety of flavours. It sparkles amber in the glass and smells wonderfully citrus aromatic. The palate is surprised by a slightly mineral note and yet it shows its stylish hop power, paired with a finely integrated pinch of salt. Typically Baltic refreshing.
<0.5% ABV

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