True fans know that genuine weissbier can only come from Bavaria. No other kind of beer embodies the Bavarian way of life, the white and blue sky and summer refreshment like Weissbier. Beer lovers the world over (even north and south of the Weisswurst equator!) associate friendly get-togethers, enjoyable beer garden outings and happy hour(s) with Bavaria’s favourite beverage.

As a family-owned company with deep roots, Brauerei Gebr. Maisel stands for premium quality brewing using only the finest ingredients from trusted sources. The family-owned brewery from Bayreuth, Germany has been brewing specialty beers for four generations together with employees who love their product. Brauerei Gebr. Maisel is a wheat beer innovator and the maker of Maisel’s Weisse – the fresh Bavarian weissbier. 

Established in 1887 in Bayreuth, Northern Bavaria, Maisel’s brewery has been making top-quality wheat beers ever since. It is now in the 4th generation of family ownership, ensuring the continuation of the high standards for which German brewers are renowned.


A true Bavarian specialty wheat beer

The bright reddish-amber hue of Maisel’s Weisse comes from the careful selection of the finest wheat and barley malts, while its unique character stems from the Bayerische Edelreifung – a traditional method of brewing using Maisel’s own pure culture yeast handed down from one generation of master brewers to the next. The fresh scent of fine yeast and pleasant fruity notes combine with the mild, spicy aroma of malt, fruit and clove with a touch of nutmeg in the first sip. Maisel’s Weisse’s characteristics are slightly fruity, yet the complex weissbier aroma comes to the fore in the finish.
5.1% ABV


Sparkling refreshment at its finest

Crystal-clear brilliance and sparkling-fresh carbonation are what make Maisel’s Weisse KRISTALL so unique. Enjoy sparkling refreshment at its finest. The first sip reveals a balanced bouquet of various fruit nuances thanks to the special blend of sun-ripened wheat varieties and light barley malts, fermented and aged with Maisel’s own wheat beer yeast. Aromas ranging from ripe banana to a hint of citrus culminate in the characteristic, slightly spicy weissbier finish.
5.0% ABV


The original dark – brewed according to time-honored traditions

A carefully selected blend of wheat malt and gently roasted, caramelized specialty malts give Maisel’s Weisse DUNKEL its dark-red mahogany colour and very flavorful taste. Its spicy, malt-forward character dominates the olfactory senses and harmonizes perfectly with the typical, slightly fruity weissbier note. This is followed by the bittersweet, spicy flavour of various malt aromas that unfold when you take the first sip. The pleasant taste sensation continues with the arrival of fruit and clove notes that create the full-bodied and very drinkable wheat beer experience you expect and can only get from Maisel’s Weisse.
5.1% ABV


Isotonic NA weissbier rich in vitamins – and flavor!

Maisel’s Weisse Alkoholfrei is the ideal fitness and wellness drink for active and nutrition-conscious beer fans. The sporty version of Maisel’s Weisse is – like all other Maisel’s Weisse varieties – made only from natural raw materials but also contains vitamins, is isotonic, and has 33% fewer calories*. Using a brewing process specially developed by our master brewers, the alcohol is first gently extracted and then fresh brewing wort is added. This gives our Maisel’s Weisse Alkoholfrei its full-bodied and fruity taste typical of wheat beer – so wheat beer fans can enjoy their wheat beer without alcohol and also without having to forego the characteristic properties of Maisel’s Weisse.
(* compared to a Maisel’s Weisse Original)
<0.5% ABV

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