Bavaria’s oldest wheat beer brewery
The Weisses Brauhaus is the oldest wheat beer brewery in all of Bavaria and has since 1928 been in the possession of the Schneider family. it is located in the old quarter of Kelheim. In striking distance to the river Danube.
The more than 400-year-old, heritage-protected complex exhales tradition and history – a great place for brewing great wheat beers.

Tap 7 – Original Weissbier

A wheat beer like home

It’s the art of brewing in its purest form for true wheat beer connoisseurs: “Original”  – the traditional wheat beer brewed unaltered in accordance with the original recipe of Georg I. Schneider since 1872 – and since then simply marquee. Of a deep amber colour, harmonically balanced and strong. That’s what Bavaria tastes like. And that’s also what coming home tastes like – in the comfort of your own four walls as well as at your convivial “Stammtisch”.
5.4% ABV

Tap 6 – Aventinus Weizen-Doppelbock

A day’s reward

For golden moments by the fireplace: “Mein Aventinus” – the wholehearted, dark ruby-coloured wheat beer, intensive and fiery, warming, well-balanced and tender. Bavaria’s oldest wheat “Doppelbock” – brewed since 1907! Its sturdy body in combination with its sweet malty aroma is an invitation to profound indulgence – an ingenious blend with a strong body.  Perfectly matches rustic dishes, dark roasts and sweet desserts.
8.2% ABV

Tap 5 – Hopfenweisse Weizen Dopplebock

A new dimension of wheat beer

Go on a discovery: “Meine Hopfenweisse” – the incomparable experience of indulgent drinking, that exceeds all expectations … hoppy, but flowery, bitter and full-bodied, and still with a sweet malty aroma – this is how multifaceted wheat beer can actually be. A real delight in the special Schneider way! And when it comes to spicy dishes or refined chocolates the “Hopfenweisse” unleashes no less than a pleasant tremor of the senses.

Tap 4 – Festweisse Weissbier

A celebration of life

Ideal for celebrations: “Meine Festweisse” – the lucid golden wheat beer, renewed from the traditional Oktoberfest beer recipe. Its fresh citrusy note is derived from precious Cascade hop and the fruity Schneider yeast – a real treat, unrivalled in freshness and drinkability. A great companion for Mediterranean and light dishes, and – of course – festive gatherings.
6.2% ABV

Aventinus Eisbock

Unfathomably sensuous

Magic and a black soul – the mahogany-coloured, almost black “Eisbock” for sensuous indulgence, best served in a balloon glass. Matured in a special freezing process following a special recipe, with a soft, elegant body, but still intensive. Spicy flavours of plum, banana and clove reveal themselves along with a hint of bitter almond and marzipan. Tempting as digestif, to crepes, dark chocolate, Tiramisu and fully ripe parmesan cheese.
12% ABV

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