Beer has been brewed on the legendary Danube gorge in the heart of Bavaria since 1050. The Weltenburg Monastery Brewery was founded by iron-Scottish wandering monks in the 7th century and is now owned by the Benedictine Abbey of Weltenburg.
From the stalk to the glass, nothing is left to chance at the Weltenburg monastery brewery. The oldest monastery brewery in the world is responsible for all steps of the brewing process – and that starts with the raw materials. We therefore only source ingredients from long-standing regional partners who can consistently meet the highest quality standards.
To achieve this, all of the raw materials used in Weltenburger beers are carefully analyzed in the brewery’s own laboratory before processing. The quality of the beers is continuously checked at every stage during the brewing process, both sensorily and analytically. The high-quality level of Weltenburger beers is proven by the many awards in national and international competitions.


Every sip is a fine pleasure! Shiny and bright yellow, dense, fine-pored foam, fine hop and citrus aromas, elegant and slim!
4.9% ABV

Anno 1050 Märzen

The golden Märzen: full-bodied, strong, malty! Fine caramel notes and pleasantly mild hop bitterness! A true pleasure experience!
5.5% ABV

Barock Dunkel

A sip of the highest monastery brewing art: unique, inimitable, consistent like no other! The dark from the heart of Bavaria!
4.7% ABV

Asam Bock Dunkel Doppelbock

The liquid bread: powerful and powerful, malty and aromatic. Creamy and sweet on the palate, full-bodied and delicately tart in taste.
7.3% ABV

Spezial Festbier

A very special beer for special moments! Shiny golden yellow, malty-aromatic, full-bodied in taste! Powerful, intense and gripping!
5.6% ABV

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